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DM15 firmware update failureS - sjthomas - 02-18-2018 05:05 AM

[Ignore -- All the firmware flashing mucking about I was doing caused the battery in both units to go completely flat. Re-replacing them did the trick. D'OH!]

Hello All,

I have two DM-15’s which I was attempting to update the firmware. I tried one using Windows 7, and the other using Mac High Sierra. Unfortunately, I have run into the same problem with both: The flash process starts, but after 7 lines, errors with the message “Program Too Large — running out of flash sectors.” And although the instructions on the website say “it is not possible to break or brick the calculator,” it seems that is what has happened. I can not get either unit to do anything, not even power on.

Batteries are fresh. All drivers installed on the computers without issue. Using a good quality shielded miniUSB cable.

Would appreciate any helpful suggestions.


RE: DM15 firmware update failureS - Nigel (UK) - 02-18-2018 08:57 AM

The SwissMicros firmware page says that for early models of the DM15, firmware v16 is the last version that will fit. Maybe you have two early models (pre Sept 2012)? I'm not sure how to check the hardware version directly.

Nigel (UK)