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Request for plot environment - compsystems - 04-10-2018 10:39 PM

Hello, I am sharing my presentations related to the use of CAS (hp-prime & Xcas) in the classroom

Spanish pdf:

In the previous document you can see the use of the plot environment.

for Hp-prime team: to improve the plot is required

1: a button that allows you to find the next root or intersect [NEXT], now you must position yourself near it =(.

2: in plot setup, page 2, labels, the numeric labels are sometimes observed with up to 10 decimals, truncate or round to 3 for a better visualization of other fields

3: Sketch also as background, that is, do not try to find the equation of the trace, useful to make indications on the graph.

4: on CAS include the list2exp() xcas cmd, to display the expressions of form boolean, instead of lists of numbers

5: in the tabulator, if the first column is greater than 1E6, expand to the right to see more digits, this for the purpose of seeing the behavior when it tends to +/- infinity

6: replace "NaN" (output: column 2) with "Not a Number"