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I need help - ajazzabi - 07-11-2018 08:24 AM


I'm using a casio 991 calculator for calculating derivatives but it always returns numeric values.
Is there any way to get the derivative formula?

[Image: fVFusT]


I was hoping to get a return value in that form. Can i do it with my Casio 991 or do I need to buy another calculator, if so, which do you recommend?


RE: I need help - Maximilian Hohmann - 07-11-2018 01:59 PM


I am not really familiar with Casio calculators, but to me it seems that your FX-991 is a "normal" (although quite capable) scientific calculator. For symbolic calculations as you intend to perform a calculator with "CAS" capability (= Computer Algebra System) would be required. If you want to stay with Casio then the ClassPad II (FX-CP400) would be the way to go. Otherwise the HP-50g, HP Prime, Ti nSpire, Ti-89, Ti Voyage 200 among some others might be candidates. Personally I like the Ti Voyage 200 a lot and they can be found second hand at bargain prices.


RE: I need help - klesl - 07-11-2018 05:59 PM

a small correction: TI- Nspire CX CAS

RE: I need help - foroplus - 07-11-2018 07:51 PM

I don't think you can get the derivative formula even with the last model of 991 (Classwiz)