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Ahhhhh.... calculator memories - Zaphod - 07-31-2018 09:28 PM

I got this link thrust in front of me whilst searching for something else.... but then spotted the calculator advert on the right hand column..........(on page 593)

Were the 31,32 series really that cheap at the time !

I must have been a very broke student at the time ..... all I could afford was the 31e .... I felt sure I’d spent closer to £100 ?..... it felt like £100 anyway Big Grin

Anyway ..... read on:

RE: Ahhhhh.... calculator memories - Jlouis - 07-31-2018 10:26 PM

I don't think these are the retail prices for an HP at that time.

Have a look in the Museum section of this site and there are prices for the calculators on that days.

Looks like refurbished ones.