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HHC 2018 and Resturants - Eddie W. Shore - 09-22-2018 10:18 PM

Around the conference, within walking distance:

Ladd Thai Cuisine
Cameille's Sidewalk Cafe (cafe open from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM)
Vito's Trattoria (Italian)

Denny's (even thought I personally don't care for Denny's)
Menara Moroccan (not sure they exactly serve)
House of Genji (Japanese)

I think the light rail is two blocks south of the conference room.

RE: HHC 2018 and Resturants - Eric Rechlin - 09-22-2018 11:07 PM

I sent the below in an email to a few people but I suppose it's more useful here.

There doesn't seem to be a whole lot in the immediate vicinity. Within 6 blocks you can find, roughly sorted in order of distance:

Ladda Thai Cuisine (independent, Thai, 4.2* Google, 3* Yelp).
Camille's Sidewalk Cafe (independent, 3* Google, Yelp claims it's closed permanently, closed weekends)
Vito's Trattoria (independent, Italian, 4.1* Google, 4* Yelp, closed Sunday)
Ike's Love and Sandwiches (California chain, sandwiches, 4.4* Google, 4* Yelp, no weekend dinners)
Cafe Zoe (independent, sandwiches, 4.3* Google, 5* Yelp, weekday lunch only)
Denny's (nationwide chain, diner, 3.8* Google, 2.5* Yelp)
Menara Moroccan (independent, Moroccan, 4.1* Google, 4* Yelp)
The Province (independent, Asian/American Fusion, 3.9* Google, 4* Yelp)

A little farther walk, maybe half a mile away, you can find:

La Victoria Taqueria (San Jose chain, Mexican, 3.9* Google, 2.5* Yelp)
Jade Cathay Chinese (independent, authentic Chinese and dim sum, 3.8* Google, 3.5* Yelp)
House of Genji (independent, Japanese, 4.2* Google, 3.5* Yelp, closed weekend lunch)
Izaka-Ya (independent, Japanese, 4.4* Google, 3.5* Yelp, closed weekend lunch)
Sushi Kan (independent, Japanese, 4.3* Google, 3.5* Yelp, closed weekend lunch)
K├╝san Uyghur Cuisine (independent, Uyghur, 4.5* Google, 4* Yelp)
Mi Quang Co Thao (independent, Vietnamese, 4.2* Google, 3.5* Yelp)
Honba Sushi (independent, Japanese, 3.7* Google, 2.5* Yelp, closed weekends)
Subway (nationwide chain, sandwiches, 3.7* Google, 2.5* Yelp)
Chipotle (nationwide chain, burritos, 3.9* Google, 3* Yelp)
Burgerim (Israeli/American chain, mini burgers, Google, might not yet be open)
Pho Bel-Air (independent, pho, 3.9* Google, 3.5* Yelp)
Tandoor House (independent, south Asian, 3.9* Google, 3.5* Yelp)
Michi (independent, sushi, 3.3* Google, 3.5* Yelp)
Lotus Cafe (independent, Vietnamese, 4.7* Google, 3* Yelp)
Senor Jalapeno Taqueria (independent, Mexican, 4.1* Google, 3* Yelp, weekday lunch only)

A mile away:

Smoking Pig BBQ Company (local chain, barbecue, 4.4* Google, 3.5* Yelp)

RE: HHC 2018 and Resturants - Eddie W. Shore - 09-22-2018 11:42 PM

Thank you Eric for the list!