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Secret to opening Sharp PC-G850VS? - toml_12953 - 09-25-2018 04:57 PM

I'd like to add a speaker to my PC-G850VS but can't seem to open it! I've removed six screws from the bottom but the case won't come apart. Are there more screws hidden somewhere? I can't even see a seam to pry into.

How do I get this &@^#@ thing open?

RE: Secret to opening Sharp PC-G850VS? - Zaphod - 09-25-2018 07:34 PM

Remove the six screws .... remove both port covers then gently:

Stick your thumb/fingernail into any of the corners (in the hard cover slide slot) as a wedge , and tease the corner apart gently.

I seem to recall I started at the end away from the battery compartment (because as you near the end of the process you have to help the two 'soldered onto the board' battery springs through the rear casing (they stay on the pcb obviously))

You will find there are locking lugs along all edges (think there were 3 along each long edge, and a similar mechanism on the short sides)
It's a fairly standard way of locking a casing together.

Once you pull one open you can determine whether it's the top or the bottom that has the tab, this will allow you to manipulate the case to release each tab in turn.
(It's a case of gently pushing the top or the bottom slightly inwards (to help release that tab) as you tease the case apart at that point, then move on to the next one.)
Release both long sides and one short, then move to the last short edge. (This should be the battery door end)

Be gentle and you won't break anything.

Did I mention gently?

If you have any trouble I'll open mine again and try and get more tips for you.

RE: Secret to opening Sharp PC-G850VS? - Helix - 09-25-2018 11:56 PM

When I opened mine, I remember I had to insert a pin in an oblique way at the ends of the serial interface, on the left short side. Releasing the lugs on the long sides was not enough to open the case.