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Project: hp-prime virtual on classroom - compsystems - 10-22-2018 03:35 AM

sorry for my bad English.

Hi developer team of the hp-prime calculator

I am using the hp-prime calculator as a didactic resource to develop computational thinking and algebraic reasoning in the classroom. (students of first level of technology and engineering)

Some ideas to improve the use of the simulator

1: Add a QWERTY keyboard since on tablets and computers with a touch screen, it is difficult to write characters using the combination of keys [alpha] + [chr]

The idea is to add a button [KEYB] to temporarily display a map of letters QWERTY / AZERTY

2: It is very usual to use the functions Edit: Copy / paste, please add some fixed buttons as a toolbar, with the option to hide or always show the toolbar.

3: One way to evaluate the worksheets, is that the student, for now, make a screenshot, but the idea is that he can export what was done in the history, ie export as text the inputs and outputs

File: Export woksheet (input / output)

For the edition of documents we need the teachers

1: An option to capture the entire image of the simulator, ie keyboard + screen.

2: A way to capture a sequence of images like GIFTs or VIDEO

3: Capture the screen in different zoom 1x-2x, 2x-1x and even 0.5x-0.5y

4: Screen Capture with a shortcut [ctl]+[]


Soon I will upload images of the groups using the hp-prime computational tool

RE: Project: hp-prime virtual on classroom - eried - 10-22-2018 09:21 AM

Isn't the idea of the simulator actually simulate the device? Otherwise why don't you just use an alternative solution with a CAS engine (to have a keyboard, toolbars)

For the screen recorder there are hundred of solutions, I use "Screen Recorder"

RE: Project: hp-prime virtual on classroom - BruceH - 10-23-2018 10:57 PM

Surely, the idea of the simulator is to encourage you to buy the real thing?