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DispG cmd, Shows grobj - compsystems - 10-26-2018 05:04 AM

point(proot(x^5+x+1)) [enter] display in the history, a small image, by clicking on the image,then pressing the [show] button, visualize the image in full screen, this step can be automated by incorporating the DispG command of Xcas

plotfunc(x^2,x=-4..4,xstep=1) [enter]
DispG [enter]

plotseq(sqrt(2+x),x = [6,0,7]) [enter] // different colors are not displayed as in Xcas
DispG [enter]

plotparam([sin(2t),cos(3t)],t,0,2*pi) [enter]
DispG [enter]

DispG [enter]

plotfield(sin(t*y),[t=-3..3,y=-3..3],plotode=[0,1]) [enter]
DispG [enter]

plotfunc(sin(x),x,display=red) [enter]
DispG [enter]

plotfunc(cos(x),x,color=green) [enter]
DispG [enter]

RE: DispG cmd, Shows grobj - compsystems - 10-26-2018 05:31 PM

Two problems found
1> is not interpreting the color of the graph

2> if is added:; necessarily requires a cmd (DispG) to be able to recover the graph later

plotfunc(cos(x),x,color=green):; [enter]
DispG [enter]