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WP34S display mod? - Harald - 11-17-2018 01:13 PM

Is anyone aware of a display modification for the wp34s?

I bought a 10b that came with a dead HP30b as a bonus.
The 30b looked dead, but I was able to flash it with the wp34s firmware. Having done that I notice a few dead pixels in the display, scratches in the aluminium behind the LCD and a "x" key that didnt work properly.
So I opened it and found someone had written "wp34 display mod on the aluminium behind the display. It also had been pealed back.
Any thoughts what this could be about?

I attempted to remove the glue from the back of the LCD, but whatever solvent I tried, it wouldn't come off. Instead the solvent disolved the connection between LCD and PCB, so its dead now..