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Prime Theme Highlight Colour - alexmalt001 - 02-10-2019 10:00 PM

On my Prime (G1, not sure if this is different on G2) I tend to use the Dark Mode, and I have noticed that none of the available highlight colours are very visible if you look at the screen from even slightly below due to the quite poor viewing angles on the Prime, making it a real pain to see if I have selected the right thing from my history. In the apps menu, it seems that a lot of the colours there also become washed out when viewed from below, however the relatively bright orange of apps like 'Solve' seems to remain quite visible, so ideally I would use this as my highlight colour. Is there an option to set a custom highlight colour on the Prime (i.e. RGB), or maybe a 3rd party addon which allows custom highlight colours? The 'Theme' variable only seems to allow selection of the colours available in the menu, though perhaps I could redefine the RGB value of one of these existing colours?

RE: Prime Theme Highlight Colour - Eric Rechlin - 02-11-2019 08:17 PM

Being able to customize all the theme's colors would be a very useful enhancement. It seems like it would be simple to implement, and for huge benefit.

In Dark mode, the "black" isn't actually black, but it's a dark gray. With the particular LCD used on the Prime, this produces very poor contrast when viewed at an angle, making it hard to read. The ability to select actual "black" and not dark gray would make the Dark mode a lot more useful, too. Although I'd rather use Dark mode, as I do on my phone, I am forced to use Light mode on my Prime just to keep things legible.