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TI-59 Statistics Programs - SlideRule - 03-20-2019 11:29 PM

AN extract from Statistics Programs for the TI-59 Calculator, Naval Postgraduate School, DEC 1980, 135 pgs.

This paper presents a package of nine programs for the TI-59 calculator. This package was developed as a solution to two problems. One problem involved expanding and modifying an existing set of programs; and a second problem involved developing five distribution approximating programs. The solution to these problems represents a package with considerable capability in computing confidence intervals, performing hypothesis tests and approximating distribution values. The distribution approximations include inverse CDF values for the Normal, Chi-square, Student's t and F distributions, which allow the computation of confidence intervals without using tables.
The Tl-59 proved to be a useful tool in solving these problems and demonstrated the capability of hand-held programmable calculators. The comprehensive set of user guides included in this programming package provides even the inexperienced user with a step-by-step introduction to this capability. Additionally, the methods used in preparing this programming package are directly applicable to other calculators or computers.

The purpose of this paper is to trace the development of a package of nine programs for use in the TI-59 calculator … The basis for this programming effort was a set of four TI-59 programs written by Professor P. W. Zehna for his personal use and later used in the classroom. Professor Zehna 's programs also computed confidence intervals and performed hypothesis testing. However, his programs were not completely user-friendly, especially in terms of user guides; and they were dependent on obtaining some percentile values from standard tables. This paper then presents a significant expansion in the scope of these early programs. The main thrust of this expansion includes a simplified and standardized set of programs and user guides, while eliminating the dependence on distribution tables.

for all students of statistics (see recent 41 & 67 posts on same).


RE: TI-59 Statistics Programs - Eddie W. Shore - 03-21-2019 01:00 PM

Thank you, SlideRule!

RE: TI-59 Statistics Programs - Maximilian Hohmann - 03-21-2019 02:08 PM


Interesting. In 1980 it was possible to get a master's degree by writing 9 statistics programs for a Ti-59 using well known formulae. Based on that most uf us here should by now have several dozen such degrees :-)