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39gII derived app strangeness - kakima - 05-15-2014 08:44 PM

I derived an app from the Statistics 1Var app, put several columns of data in it, then wrote some simple views. Nothing fancy, just select a column, set the plot parameters, then display the plot. This app works fine.

I derived another app from the Inference app and created some views. Again, nothing very fancy. Select a column from the first app, Do1VStats() on it, then pull n, mean, and standard deviation for the hypothesis test, set the type of test and mu_0. (Why isn't there a single function call to do the importing, just like from the keyboard?) This also works fine.

As I said, nothing fancy. Just automating some routine stuff because I got tired of doing it all manually every time, remembering which column contained which data and what to test that data for.

The strange part comes when I try to import another column into my Inference-based app. The calc imports the data fine, but then it drops me out of my derived app and into the base Inference app. My custom views are gone and the only way to get them back is to hit the Apps button and restart my derived app. This happens if I just hit IMPORT and then CANCL. Another strangeness is that even though I'm now in the Inference app as far as HOME and the Prgm list are concerned, my derived app still shows at the top of the app list which I have sorted chronologically. (At least this saves me a keystroke when I have to restart it.)

Any ideas?

RE: 39gII derived app strangeness - Tim Wessman - 05-17-2014 11:50 PM

This is a combination of two things I suspect. First, in order to access the data during the import I had to silently in the background open that app, pull in the data, and then restore it. However, I suspect it is just launching the default inference and not saving the name so it didn't know it was a custom one.

The second one is probably an issue similar to one that was on Prime with the compiled views/routines getting lost in some situations. Hence when it is loaded again they are once again accessible.