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HP25C restoration and Tamiya TS-80 - albertofenini - 09-27-2019 09:36 PM

Hi everyone,
We wanted to share the results we are getting by using the TS-80 Tamiya
on some of the calculators we are restoring.
This is an HP25C.
The previous owner had probably used a very aggressive cleaning approach
as even the Costant Memory writing was gone.
However it is an HP25C for real
We have opened the keyboard without cutting the heads of the black pins,
as we have found out this will help when putting back together the pieces.
When doing so it is possible to clean under the domes and to restore the facelift
In this case because of the extensive damage several steps of TS-80 have been necessary and we are probably not done yet.
The glue we use to seal back the keyboard is Tamiya Cement and will post more photo about this process.
This is what we have obtained so far :
HP25C facelift

RE: HP25C restoration and Tamiya TS-80 - albertofenini - 09-28-2019 08:47 PM

28/09/2019 we have added some pictures to the album