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HHC 2019 WP43C addendum - Guenter Schink - 09-29-2019 07:33 PM

Although this would usually go to "Not quite HP Calculators...." I post this addendum here because it fits the overall discussion of HHC 2019.

I got some feedback on forum.swissmicros.com wrt my talk about the WP43C. The most important was from Jaco highlighting the issue of overlay/faceplate that might be of interest. here is his comment

Quote:From Jaco Mostert:

No major issues in the talk, the only one worth mentioning the status of the layouts, let me summarise:

WP43C Layout 2 is the one demo’d at hhc. No issues. No template is needed nor planned. This layout also contains the expanded HOME menu with the blue label indexes.

WP43C Layout 1A is a slight variation on L2 where less of the yellow labels correspond with DM42. Because of that, this one needs a printed template and a template is planned. Design is in progress. Material of the template is not yet finalised. SwissMicros stated they will make a template.

The two different labels mentioned above can be seen here. Then you see that the final (tentative) label for the WP43C (not be mixed with the WP43S) differs from that I presented at the HHC. Layout 1A on the left, Layout L2 on the right. Layout L2 as I showed at the HHC (with blue functions/menus) can be seen here.

Hope that helps,

...and doesn't add to the confusion Wink