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Bond Trader Calculators - John Liu - 03-14-2020 06:38 PM

I’m interested in learning about the various vintage “bond trader” calculators.

Monroe, Lane, Compucom, perhaps others, made them.

Curious which was the best? Are they still accurate today? Do any calculate duration, convexity, YTW? Any set up to handle TIPS and preferreds?

I realize most of the desired calculations are now handled automatically and routinely displayed on your Bloomberg, Factset, etc screens, and there are PC/iOS apps plus DIY Excel forms. But there’s something cool about hardware.

RE: Bond Trader Calculators - SlideRule - 03-15-2020 01:45 AM

"Monroe has not produced the 3180 Bond Trader Yield for decades, however our friends at Lane Business Systems took the initiative to create software equivalent to the physical Monroe 3180. The software is available in several version, Apple Ipad and Microsoft Windows version 7 or higher both in 32 or 64 bit versions. Both versions sell for $49

From the Apple Store search for “Monroe Bond”, “Monroe Trader” or go to Lanesystems.net and click on the APP STORE LOGO next to the picture of the Monroe 3180 to download the app.

To download the Windows version of the Monroe 3180 go to the lanesystems.net web site and click on “click here” next to the image of the Monroe 3180."

source:Monroe 3180 Bond Trader Yield Calculator

"HP 10bII+ Financial Calculator - Bond Calculations

Keys and Functionality

Bond calculations are performed on the 10bII+ in the Bond menu. Data or settings are stored in the ten keys which make up the top two rows of the keyboard. The functions used in bond calculations are printed in blue above the keys. The table below lists the keys used in bond calculations and their functionality."