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(TI-59) Wind Dispersion - SlideRule - 03-19-2020 07:53 PM

An excerpt from Wind Dispersion: a program for the Texas Instruments 59 calculator , Ernest D. King, the University of Oklahoma (College of Health), Journal of the Air Pollution Control Association, Volume 32, No. 5, May 1982, pgs. 537-539

"With the introduction of magnetic tape program storage capabilities for the modern pocket calculator, equations once considered too lengthy or cumbersome for anything less than a computer are becoming available to many people in the air pollution control professions. One such equation, used to calculate ambient air pollution concentrations downwind from a point source, is an equation for atmospheric dispersion estimates.

  It is important to recognize that this model is only one of several possible models of gaussian behavior, but when best estimate, not infallible prediction, is sufficient, this model may be programmed for the Texas Instrument Programmable 59 and stored on magnetic tape for quick recall. The program is as follows …"

Fully documented.