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Maintenance Release V41 R9D - Christoph Giesselink - 03-25-2020 08:49 PM

My goal adding Virtual HP-IL to V41 was accomplished with release R9B in summer last year. But no program is bug free, so a new maintenance release is available.

The new version R9D is available on Warrens V41 product page or on my site.

RELEASE 9D (03/24/2020)
- Removed disconnect and restart of the Virtual HP-IL server at User Code loading
- Fixed incomplete hardware register reset at File/New, File/Open and File/Recent File selection
- Fixed HP-IL coldstart and a HP-IL endless loop with no loop devices
- Changed Shifted Alpha Keys dialog to nonmodal
- Some minor improvements

RELEASE 9C (08/06/2019)
- Fixed startup on PC without prior session information

RE: Maintenance Release V41 R9D - Massimo Gnerucci - 03-25-2020 08:56 PM

Many thanks Christoph!

RE: Maintenance Release V41 R9D - Namir - 03-25-2020 09:18 PM

You are the man Christoph!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

RE: Maintenance Release V41 R9D - rprosperi - 03-25-2020 09:31 PM

Thanks for the update Christoph. Something fun to do, to distract us from lock-down fever...