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Proposals for changes in geometry - Jan 11 - 03-26-2020 01:49 PM

I would like to introduce some things to improve in the GEOMETRY application.
1. When I draw any of the following functions and then want this function to be shown on the calculator screen along with its mathematical formula, the following message appears: "equation (GA): y =" equation (GA) Error: Bad Argument".
These functions {LN), LOG (x), asin (x), acos (x), asec (x), acosh (x), atanh (x)}.
This is a small matter, so please remove this incorrect message and enter the correct description for each of these functions.
2. I drew the plotimplicit function (x ^ 2 * y-2 * y = 1.Then I introduced Point On (GB). When I move this point on the function, it only moves on the left arm. It is not possible to move the point to the other two arms In f (x) or conic functions, this problem does not occur.
3. I would like to set the number of decimal digits for a given number in the Geometry Symbolic Setup window in the Number Format 'position. For example, I set the number format: Rounded 4. I drew a straight line and the calculator gave me the mathematical formula for the straight GC. Massacre, 12 decimal digits. I don't need it. It just clutters the screen. I want a short formula: equation (GC): y = 0.47x - 1.41.