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(TI-59) Life Contingencies Algorithms - SlideRule - 04-03-2020 01:56 PM

An excerpt from Life Contingencies Algorithms for the Programmable Calculator, William Roach, University of Kansas, Actuarial Research Clearing House, 1978, 37 pgs.

This paper explores the possibility of using the programmable calculator as the vehicle for presenting algorithms for developing actuarial values. The adaptability of the programmable calculator is tested by implementing algorithms from a hopefully representative set of subject areas scheduled to be included in the new text.

Use of Programmable Calculators by Actuarial Students
… the programmable calculator represents a useful supplement to the use of computer implemented, procedure oriented languages …

Concluding Observations
… the capabilities of the programmable calculator seem adequate for most actuarial algorithms. Its unique accessibility and affordability give the programmable calculator some significant advantages.

Force of Mortality Approximations (Tl 59 Listing)

Commutation Functions Listing (TI 59)

Stochastic Life Table Model
Binomial Distribution (for Stochastic Life Table)

Variance of the Expectation of Life

Newton's Method for Esscher Approximation (SR-56) Listing)

Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) Monoline Rating"

w/ flowcharts, listings, instructions, explanations etc.