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V41 Warren Furlow. - ggauny@live.fr - 04-27-2020 09:57 AM

Hi all,

Since my card reader for hp41 is broken, I use the great emulator V41
to synthetic programmation and it work pretty well BUT if I OFF the PC win10, and
ON again, I see that the Byte Graber (XROM 28,63) become (XROM 24,63) !!??

So I have to re-assign the BG to LN key. The procedure is easy and quickly
done but why BG change ?

I have, of course, programmed LB and MK (and others that I haved from the past on magnetics cards) on V41 and saved them as raw programs but sometime it is more efficient to use the BG.

Thanks and take very care of your health.