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RainEQ: Crashes and fixed version? - SammysHP - 06-13-2020 04:04 PM

I'm looking for ways to speed up my HP 48G even more. Today I deal with RainEQ.

The problem: Several users report issues/crashes with RainEQ. At hpcalc.org the author of RainEQ explained in 2012:

Quote:Eric Patois, 2012-03-15 03:50:49
Sorry for the crashs. It's due to the return from RPN decimal->str to ASM after a possible garbage. The equivalent asm code takes quite more bits than the simple RPN call.

But there's no update, no patch, no solution, last release from 1998.

I wonder if the standalone version of EQW from MetaKernel would be an alternative. What is your experience with RainEQ and EQW? Will EQW replace the built-in equation editor automatically (when using SpeedUI)? Are there any major pros or cons (except the crashes and the bigger size of EQW)?

RE: RainEQ: Crashes and fixed version? - Raymond Del Tondo - 06-13-2020 05:42 PM

Actually a few days ago I stumbled over Gerald Squelart‘s EQW ripped from the MK in 2017.
In the description on hpcalc.org he wrote, he ripped it off MK for users who may use SpeedUI, but still want to have a fast equation handling application.
I thought about including a direct call to it, like with RainEQ (if installed), so I checked it out.
It‘s very fast, but unfortunately it seems to mess up memory.
After turning off the calc, and then turning on again, a message comes up, which indicates invalid card data.
So currently no direct MK EQW activation support from within Speedui environment.

And no, no SpeedUI components were involved. The calc was empty except for my tools library and some test equations.

RE: RainEQ: Crashes and fixed version? - SammysHP - 06-13-2020 05:50 PM

Too bad. The equation writer is one of the slowest parts when using SpeedUI. But thanks for the feedback! So I won't try this on my production calculators. Smile