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(SR-52) Son of Submarine - SlideRule - 06-27-2020 01:01 PM

An excerpt from Son of Submarine Game … an alternative to chess?, Kilobaud the small computer magazine, Issue #11, November 1977, pages 102-105

"  The game "Submarine" in issue #2 of Kilobaud by Peter Stark was most interesting, and I lost no time in entering the program into my SR-52 to try it out. However, after playing the game awhile I felt that something was missing. There wasn't the same enjoyment as playing the lunar landing game from Texas Instruments' (TI) program book … We felt that this game needed a small addition to allow the player to use loqic in choosing his shot.
   After examining the flowchart and trying a few variations, we discovered a simple
addition which would still save the random motion realism of a submarine under attack but would allow the player to use his knowledge of mathematics and logical thinking ability to make the game more interesting …

   Now with the changes made to the original submarine game the following scenario applies …

   So, to sum up the game as modified, the player must first get close to the submarine and then based on the distance, make one of the chess moves which will give him the greatest probability of success …

   Now go out there and get that submarine!