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HP-11c vs. HP-34c - differences between them - Gene - 07-15-2020 12:56 AM

Started looking at these two (when I stumbled on an 11c picture) because of their similarity. Thought I'd start a list of differences in one place. I'm sure I'll miss some things.

The 11c has these features that the 34c does not:
LCD Display
Unified <- key (clear digits, clear X if not entering digits, delete program step)
Random number generator
3 more user defined keys (C, D and E)
Hyperbolic trig functions and inverses
Self test includes keyboard test

The 34c has these features that the 11c does not:
LED Display
DSP I function
MANT function
CLX key
DEL function
7 more program steps all other being equal (210 vs. 203)
2 more flags (2-3)
2 more subroutine levels (6 total)

Note: this list is updated from subsequent posts below and will be updated as any additional items are pointed out.

RE: HP-11c vs. HP-34c - differences between them - Gerson W. Barbosa - 07-15-2020 02:29 AM

Solve and Integrate makes the HP-34C more similar to the HP-15C, I think. The HP-15C was my first HP calculator and these, together with complex numbers, were very useful to me, but I would be pleased with the HP-34C. Mine is the soldered version, too bad it’s disassembled.


RE: HP-11c vs. HP-34c - differences between them - Paul Dale - 07-15-2020 04:51 AM

The 11C has a random number generator, which is where the missing program/register went.

The 11C also has great battery life.


RE: HP-11c vs. HP-34c - differences between them - Didier Lachieze - 07-15-2020 05:47 AM

The first obvious (too obvious ?) difference is the display: LED for the 34C and LCD for the 11C which has in addition annunciators.

Then you have the softkeys: 2 primary keys for the 34C, 5 for the 11C combined with USER mode.

The number of subroutine levels is also different: 6 for the 34C and 4 for the 11C.

The 34C has DSP I and MANT.

The 34C has a CLx and a DEL key, while the 11C has a single <- key with digit deletion during number entry.

The self tests of the 11C include a keyboard test.

Note: in the HP Museum comparison table there is a mistake, the 11C has also line number addressing, same as the 34C.