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(TI-59) FFT fast fourier transform - SlideRule - 08-08-2020 11:51 AM

An excerpt from a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) Progrm for a Programmable Pocket Calculator TI 59, Scanning, Vol 1,3 188-194 (1978)
This paper presents an FFT-program written for the use of the programmable pocket calculator of Texas Instruments TI 59. The program consists of the following routines: Input/output; FFT forward and inverse; shuffling and a routine that converts the FFT-coefficients in case that real numbers were put in. The maximal number of input data is 32 complex or 64 real data. Listings of all routines are given and the program handling is described. Peak sharpening and removal of background (PARG) are examples to demonstrate the handling of routines.
1. Introduction

  The program described in this paper is written for a programmable pocket calculator (TI-59, Texas Instruments) and is derived from the version of Ahmed and Rao


RE: (TI-59) FFT fast fourier transform - Maximilian Hohmann - 08-08-2020 01:00 PM


Interesting. I wouldn't have imagined that a Ti-59 is capable of performing an FFT on so many numbers.

And how times change: "It can be used, for example, to test a correction procedure for a single spectral peak when programming a computer is too expensive."

Today it is the complete contrary: It would be prohibitively expensive to pay someone for implementing such an algorithm on a calculator and inputting all the numbers and writing down the results. But I guess that it was already like that in 1977 when this paper was published.