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(TI-59) Steady State Groundwater Model - SlideRule - 08-09-2020 11:01 AM

An excerpt from Steady State Groundwater Model for a Programmable Calculator, Hydrological Sciences - Journal - des Sciences Hydrologiques, 27,1, 3/1982
ABSTRACT   The steady state square node groundwater model presented is for a confined aquifer with choice of recharge/discharge and constant head boundaries. Transmissivity, recharge/discharge, constant and initial head and nodal network must be input. Output is steady state water levels to the precision desired by the operator up to calculator limit of significant figures. Forty nodes or less can be defined but depending on complexity the program can be easily modified for variable thickness and floating fresh water lens conditions.


   The steady state groundwater model outlined here has been programmed on the TI-59 but can also be programmed on similar calculators of other brands …

   The program presented in Table 1 calculates the steady state for a square node, two dimensional, confined groundwater model. The number of nodes available depends on the number of transmissivity and input/output values that are desired …