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(SR-56) Propagation Code matrix approach - SlideRule - 09-05-2020 11:21 AM

An excerpt from A Matrix Approach to a Propagation Code, 2Lt-Misuinas {MS-Thesis}, School of Engineering {AFIT-AU}, GEO/PH/77-1, ADA055463, DEC 1977, 45 pgs.

"                                Appendlx C
                    Sample Calculator Programs
    The following pages contain two sample calculator programs
for a single propagation scenario as an example of how the
matrix formulation may be used on a hand calculator. The
first program is designed for a Texas Instruments SR 56.
The second program is designed for a Hewlett Packard HP 25.
    The propagation scenario that the programs solve is the
coaltitude transmission of a laser beam from a transmitter
to a receiver over a distance L in propagation steps of
distance z. The beam has some initial power P and radius x
and is assumed to be focused at a point distance L away.
    Because the effect of turbulence is small compared to
thermal blooming, it is not Included in these programs. If
desired, however, It may be added.
SR 56 Programpgs. 28-29"