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OMG cool retro term - hth - 10-22-2020 05:11 PM

I was totally blown away yesterday when I finally got around to install cool-retro-term on my computer.

When I am using my fine flat screen panel to show the conversation with a retro computer system, something does not feel quite right, but cool-retro-term is there to correct it. I can have amber video, white noise, flicker, slowly sweeping distortions, a bulging screen and more, all fully configurable.

I can get the right feeling! OMG, I LOVE it!


RE: OMG cool retro term - twoweims - 10-22-2020 08:02 PM

That is very cool! I just installed it on my iMac that is right next to my HP-150.
Real Retro meets faux Retro!

Thanks for the tip!

RE: OMG cool retro term - Massimo Gnerucci - 10-22-2020 10:51 PM

On Macs (I don't use them, but always envied this program) Cathode has been around for years.

RE: OMG cool retro term - John Galt - 10-26-2020 01:07 AM

Very cool, thanks!

I almost want to smack the side of my iMac to make the glitchiness disappear. Love it.

RE: OMG cool retro term - BruceH - 10-27-2020 12:04 AM

Do either of them (CRT or Cathode) accurately emulate the smooth scroll of the VT100?

RE: OMG cool retro term - compsystems - 11-03-2020 07:27 PM

The emulators of https://fms.komkon.org/EmuWindows/ has something similar in its apps.


Enable "Video | Color Filter | Amber CRT" + "Video | Scanlines | Horizontal" + "Video | Apply CRT Vignette"