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[Request] Variables VIEW button - CR Haeger - 06-10-2014 01:23 PM

Thank you to the HP Team for enhancing the Primes on line Help system by allowing the Help button to now bring up a specific help screen for commands while they are on the Home or CAS command line. This really helps as I cant always remember valid command(parameter(s)).

In a similar way, please consider allowing the Prime user to view the contents of any variable without having to select it from the Vars menu and executing it. For example, allow me to press Vars>CAS>All> and highlight a variable (say eq1). Now let me press the View key, which will show me the current contents of eq1. Perhaps allow me to edit or insert the variable from there, but let me hit Esc to escape out and return to what I was doing.

I know that I can do this now via Shift-Mem>CAS Vars>View but this takes me out of my workflow in Home or CAS.