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newRPL keyboard overlay "last" version (for now) - lmamakos - 04-06-2021 04:07 AM

I made another pass through all the things and have produced another version of the keyboard overlay.

[Image: IMG_20210404_231430.jpg]

Some tweaks to this version from the last are:
  • Keyboard buttons are now rounded along the bottom edge
  • Some rounding on the corners of the overlay "background"
  • Improved some font choices, especially for the "shift-and-hold" symbol around labels on the arrow keys

I also tried two different fabrication techniques on this version. Starting with the white printable vinyl with the overlay graphics, I applied a clear acrylic spray coating over it. Then that was cut in my (wife's) Cricut cutting machine. This coating was applied to make the surface more durable against wear. The other was to apply a clear vinyl sheet over the white printed vinyl. This produces a somewhat thicker result, but visually is more appealing.

I think the story could be different if the printing was done on an inkjet printer with ink, rather than through my laser printer with toner applied to the vinyl.

In any case, read all about it in my blog posting. I describe in a bit more detail the two approaches and there are photos of each of the two versions on an HP 39gs you can look at.

On that page are also links to the files I used to generate the keyboard overlay. I used OpenSCAD for the mechanical spacing, which results in an SVG file that's imported into Inkscape where legends are applied. The Inkscape SVG file is also available; you can export other resolutions as needed (or even a standard SVG file.)

A link to the Cricut Design Space cloud thing is also in that blog post. In theory this allows some other user to take that "project" and "Make It" on their own Cricut cutting machine. I know barely enough to be dangerous about that platform, but I think I got a link that works.

You can also just grab the 600 DPI PNG file directly if you have some other means of production.

Thanks again for newRPL, and I hope this work is useful to others. I'm going to stop working on this for a little while and just use it and see if there's any updates that make sense. But in the near term, it's "done" for the time being.

RE: newRPL keyboard overlay "last" version (for now) - BINUBALL - 04-06-2021 06:38 AM

I hope if there are more shortcut like i, j, e. I found this shortcuts from old newrpl thread.
Symbolic i -> AL LS 7
Symbolic e -> AL LS e^x
Symbolic j -> AL LS + 7

RE: newRPL keyboard overlay "last" version (for now) - rncgray - 04-06-2021 09:27 AM

Maybe at some point someone will be willing to make these overlays for those of us who do not have a cutting machine as has been done for the WP43s?