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How do I install Meta Kernel on iHP48? - Orome - 04-06-2021 02:50 PM

(Crosspost from general iHP48 thread)

I found instructions for installing Meta Kernel on iHP48, but can't get them to work (even after sorting out the confusing line breaks and step numbering errors):

  1. Create a new HP48GX calculator
  2. Type MERGE1 into the calculator (without the "") and press [ENTER]
  3. Go to Fetch... and download the Meta-Kernel from the web
  4. Now use the Load Object... function to load the following file into the calculator: /Downloads/MetaKernel2.30/Disk/Install/MKRAM.KER
  5. Go to the calculator
  6. Type 'M' and hit [STO]
  7. Type again 'M' into the stack for later. An 'M' should reside on the stack.
  8. Load Object ... the following file /Downloads/MetaKernel2.30/Disk/Install/RECV.KER
  9. Go to the calculator
  10. Hit [EVAL]
  11. WAIT for the installation to finish. It will reboot the calculator automatically at the end.
  12. Install any library on port 0 after the completion of this procedure.

After hitting [EVAL] (step 10 above) I get

THEN Error:
Too Few Arguments

Also, what should actually be on the stack for steps 6 and 7: M or 'M'?