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Statistics 2Var app anomaly - roadrunner - 05-18-2021 02:07 PM

Question to HP team:

1. Reset then start the Statistics 2Var app
2. For C1 enter 1 and 15
3. For C2 enter 15 and 20
4. Click <Shift/Plot Setup>
5. Make the X rng -2 to 16
6. Make the y rng -2 to 24
7. Click page down
8. Click the Labels check box on
9. Click <Plot>
10. The y label says -2.05660377358 instead of -2

Is it too late to request that the new firmware version rounds this number down?


RE: Statistics 2Var app anomaly - Joe Horn - 05-19-2021 12:53 AM

This is a known issue with all Prime plots. These two screen captures were made in July 2013. It's due to the fact that the X-min value in Plot Setup points to the *second* pixel column, not the first, but the X-min label in the plot points to the *first* pixel column. It was decided early on to leave this discrepancy as-is, unfortunately.

[Image: BadXminA.png] [Image: BadXminB.png]

RE: Statistics 2Var app anomaly - Tim Wessman - 05-19-2021 03:41 AM

The problem is that you cannot center the graph or give it a nice round view without fudging numbers and lying ab out what is actually shown....