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Help finding Casio 9860G Slim - nuts4calcs - 05-31-2021 04:35 AM


Does anybody know where I can buy a new Casio 9860G Slim?. I found two in my city, in two different stores but at the moment of paying, the sellers tested them and none worked (luckily they tested before selling).

I have found some on Ebay but they are used, and do not come with manual or CD. One of them comes in a plastic packaging different from the cardboard box in the ones that I had found.
They are also not listed in Amazon anymore.

Also, If anyone has one of these, would you share the content of the disk? Does it come with the 9860G Slim Manager? Casio does not publish it on their website anymore.

Best regards to all!

RE: Help finding Casio 9860G Slim - klesl - 05-31-2021 03:12 PM

The disc which came with fx-9860G Slim is called Utilities CD for 9860G Series / Graph 85 series
I've made an iso and bin file and you can download from my gdrive. The size is approx 1GB
I hope posting link to the image of this disc doesn't infringe the copyright.
Version of the disc is 1.1

edited: I deleted the nonrelevant text. I confused the emulator (manager) and connectivity software.
edited2: I found the slim manager plus 30 days trial (no serial key included) on my HDD, so I uploaded this manager to folder mentioned above.

RE: Help finding Casio 9860G Slim - nuts4calcs - 05-31-2021 07:59 PM

Thank you so much!!!
There should not be any copyright problem with trial software. I'll see if either of the stores is willing to sell me the original keys from the non-functioning calculators.

Thanks again

RE: Help finding Casio 9860G Slim - klesl - 06-01-2021 06:58 PM

I found two offers on ebay today, it seems both units are fully working