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Degrees/Mins/Secs - Hopper - 09-08-2021 10:29 PM

Hello everyone.

I'm having a issue with my HP prime calculator, love the calculator but it seems to be unable to accept input in decimals of minutes.

So I can input say 1H30M30sec but is unable to take the input as 1H30.5M, when I say unable I mean I've been unable to figure out how to input this, my cheap Casio can take either format and is not fussy, I would assume that the HP prime given its advanced capabilities must have some method to allow this to be inputted also?



RE: Degrees/Mins/Secs - Geoff Quickfall - 09-08-2021 11:53 PM

Ran into this earlier in the prime days of the PRIME ;-)

Check out this url:

HMS, HR and the Prime

Hope it helps.

Try google:

“Is there an HMS / HR analog on the prime?

Cheers, Geoff

RE: Degrees/Mins/Secs - Nigel (UK) - 09-09-2021 07:57 AM

Here's another thread dealing with this:

Nigel (UK)