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HP-41 lot for sale - abalasa - 01-21-2022 12:55 AM

I have a number of HP-41C and CV that do not work as is (with one exception) but may be used to harvest parts. I have 7 of these machines which have been on my desk for about two years but I seem to have lost the desire to work on them. Images are here https://photos.app.goo.gl/kASVuukLhhf3uwZP7

The HP-41C that works has a repaired battery contact block, I do not remember if I did anything to the case or not. Only one works if I put batteries in. The top port covers are missing but I can find some probably if interested. Also the battery holders are missing, again I can find some if necessary.

There are two HP-4Cs and 5 CVs, the ones that are disassembled have all screws. I have also other disparate parts which I can part with, cases, boards, screws, battery contact blocks. I have not repaired one of these since the Covid started and I don't seem to want to go back to it. I think I can find more machines if anyone is really interested.

Give me an offer please if interested. Email works best for me since I can read it on any mobile device. Thank you.