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Expanded HP Prime Finite Math Course Support - lschroeder1947 - 05-27-2022 09:37 AM

Note that the Finite Mathematics Prime Academy | Learning Center website tab gives you a complete FREE HP Prime chapter-by-chapter YouTube Finite Math course.

The Finite Math navigation tab now has additional support with our NEW HP Prime Guide FINITE MATHEMATICS book and accompanying digital linked OneNote Finite Math notebook. Through IngramSpark and Amazon Kindle a 163-page printed version of all the YouTube HP Prime Finite Math course is available. This allows you to see the HP Prime screens and easily find the material you are looking for. The material can be used in a High School advanced algebra and statistic courses as well.

IngramSpark and Amazon Kindle printed HP Prime Guide Finite Mathematics are both available worldwide. Use thumbnail to see book's jacket and Amazon's Kindle link to Look Inside at the HP Prime Guide's Table of Content.