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Home screen variables - Nickruberg - 07-18-2014 03:41 PM

I have upgraded from the 50G to the prime and there are a couple of issues I am disappointed with:
With the 50G you could add variables to the home screen, so save a number under a variable and with one keystroke you could call it up. Prime requires a few more buttons.

Another one is that I could add a small routine such as <<25.4 * >> and save this under a variable (INCH) and I could enter a number and press one key and it would convert from inch to mm. Useful if you ar converting a lot of values, say on a drawing.

Nothing similar seems to be available on the prime.

RE: Home screen variables - Angus - 07-18-2014 06:43 PM

You can, of course, write small programs for such calculations on the prime. No rpl, but the prime's language is nice. It is a matter of practice I'd say. Inspiration through potentially upcoming guided tutorials might give you a boost.

Your programs return a string passed to the entry line. What I miss on a daily basis is autoexecution of the returned value. Especially when using small helper programs in rpn mode you have to press enter after calling the program. My idea was to add a command for passing the entry line to the parser. I added that to the suggestions poll. No idea if that would be a sollution to -that- topic.

When talking about better rpn support it is often stated that the prime's language is not suited for rpl. Well I understand that. Personally I don't need a replacement for hpppl control commands... I feel misunderstood on that sometimes.