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Source of batteries for HP Prime G1 - RPNerd - 07-21-2022 11:56 AM

It's no secret that the battery used in the HP Prime G1 is identical to that in the Samsung S3 smartphone, so sourcing a battery for the latter is what most people have been doing in order to replace a failing Prime battery.

There's one small problem. The Samsung S3 hasn't been manufactured for years now. If you do find an OEM MBI0117A battery then it is either going to be well past its sell-by date or it's going to be a potentially unsafe cheap Chinese knock-off claiming to be an MBI0117A. Looking at the reviews on Amazon, for example, it appears that the only ones available are of the cheap knock-off variety these days. I didn't want to put one of those in my Prime Rev. A.

I'm also a member of a photography group where people often ask for after-market batteries that are more reliable than your average no-name battery on TAS and aren't as costly as the OEM batteries. More often than not, Duracell get recommended (I know opinions of their alkalines and coin cells are divided here but this is neither) so I set out to see if they did an equivalent of this particular battery.

What I found is not a Duracell branded battery but it is still sold in the UK at least by a Duracell licensee, PSA Parts, and I don't think they would risk losing their licence by selling dangerous cr*p as well as original Duracell products.

Here's the link:


NB: I have no affiliation to the company other than owning one of these batteries that is now powering my Prime.