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Prime G1's armfir.elf - muteki - 07-28-2022 03:18 PM

Does any one know if Prime G1's armfir.elf has hardware dependent code in it or it solely uses Besta RTOS syscalls? From first glance it does seem to take over the entire "userspace" by loading just below the OS kernel probably during early OS startup. There are also shims for syscalls (i.e. sdklib and krnllib) statically linked in. Based on these 2 observations I know armfir.elf is not completely running bare metal. However Besta RTOS doesn't protect memory at all and the "userspace" can in fact directly control the hardware at register level so that's why I'm wondering whether or not armfir.elf used hardware-specific code like register accesses.

Some context: I'm (very slowly) working on a homebrew SDK for some Besta pocket dictionaries running Besta RTOS. At some point I might also make an emulator/syscall translator for the OS once I got enough of the OS reversed. If it turns out that it can run HP Prime firmware that would be pretty cool and it adds one more reason for the emulator to exist Smile.