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Mechanical keyboard + TI calculator - djjack - 08-24-2022 12:44 AM

I saw this video and thought it was a good idea. It would be great to have larger keys on a scientific calculator. A Swiss Micro with mechanical keyboard would be really nice on the desk.


RE: Mechanical keyboard + TI calculator - Maximilian Hohmann - 08-24-2022 12:38 PM


(08-24-2022 12:44 AM)djjack Wrote:  I saw this video and thought it was a good idea.

It's nice, especially the custom made lighted keyboard, but to my taste there is a large disproportion between keyboard and display size. That's something I never liked in the HP-46: A pocket calculator display in a desktop calculator.


RE: Mechanical keyboard + TI calculator - John Keith - 08-25-2022 12:02 PM

TI at one time sold a standard QWERTY keyboard for the TI-89. If Swiss Micros calculators had the ability to connect to a standard PC keyboard, either by Bluetooth or an HID enabled USB port, it would be helpful for entering long programs. OTOH, it would be simpler to just type the programs on a PC and download them to the calculator in most cases.