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(-) precedence (update) - jhallen - 02-11-2023 03:43 PM

I found a few more interesting calculators:

Sharp EL-5050 and EL-5150: these are some of Sharp's mid 80s AER calculators (so input is buffered, unlike AOS): (-) 2 ^2 gives 4.

Sharp EL-738: this is a very nice non-programmable financial calculator. I like it because it's a full scientific calculator, unlike HP-17bii+, which doesn't include trig (HP should have included trig in a menu / Sharp should have HP's solver...). Anyway, this calculator has a 1.5 line display: upper line is text buffer, and lower line is number. If you try +/- 2 ^2, it displays (-2)^2. This is awesome, it tells you what it's doing. Likewise, if you try - 2 ^2, it displays 0-2^2 and gives -4 as the result.

Using EL-738 as a scientific calculator has only one issue for me: It has the option to display the result in floating or scientific, but lacks engineering.

As you enter a formula, each number is displayed on the lower line but then transferred to the end of the upper line when you hit the next operator. This is a bit weird, takes some getting used to. Usually there is no cursor, one appears if you hit left arrow to edit the formula.