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Question to HP41* collectors - Boub65 - 02-24-2023 08:46 AM

Hi all,
I did not find this information anywhere, if it exists please feel free to re-direct me Smile

I decided to try to complete my HP41C/CV/CX Full Nut collection (still not interested in half nuts, sorry!) and...
... my question is "what models where made in USA, Singapore and Brazil" ?

I understand that in USA where made only HP41C FN "Tall Keys" and "normal Keys" (with 2 different back "alpha mode" stickers)
I understand that in Singapore all models with "normal Keys" where made
I don't know for Brazil?

So here it goes (I will edit with your answers below) :
Singapore : HP41C FN, HP41CV FN, HP41CV HN, HP41CX FN, HP41CX HN
Brasil : HP41CV FN , any others?

RE: Question to HP41* collectors - Hiwi - 02-27-2023 01:46 PM

Please consider the HP41/C/CV/CX service manual avaiable at ***** or on other sources. There is a list with serialnumbers and production countries.

RE: Question to HP41* collectors - TallKey - 03-05-2023 05:10 AM

And the United Kingdom too made FN?

RE: Question to HP41* collectors - rprosperi - 03-05-2023 01:38 PM

(03-05-2023 05:10 AM)TallKey Wrote:  And the United Kingdom too made FN?

Despite this note in the service manual, no UK-made 41s have ever been reported and at least one HP UK employee at the time reports both he and fellow-employees he worked with have never heard anything about 41 manufacturing there.

RE: Question to HP41* collectors - AndiGer - 03-17-2023 05:37 PM

Never saw a 41 made in Brazil. Do they exist?

RE: Question to HP41* collectors - Boub65 - 04-08-2023 10:41 AM

Yes "Made in Brazil" HP41* do exist.
Here is one of them I just got (a HP41CV)...

That's why I was asking if we have a list of what models where made in each location (USA, Singapore and Brazil)?