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HP48G Series - the ongoing Keyboard Issues - TomC - 04-08-2023 02:21 PM

As we all know, the 48 series keyboard design is destined to fail with time.

Well here we are in 2023 and finally several of my favorite ones are very sick.

The overall design of the 48G series is solid - a simple-two-sided printed circuit board, all integrated circuits are in industry standard packages, etc, etc.

HOWEVER - that darned keyboard that relies on mechanical pressure that is maintained between panel assemblies that maintain pressure with 'plastic rivets' and metal 'twisties' and basically exposed to the 'outside world' is destined to fail with time.

It would be great if we/someone could design a replacement keyboard/conductor layer. The plastic layer that defines the keyboard feel can be maintained, but a replacement layer - that could then be soldered onto the main board would be nice.

Agreed, not simple, but I hate to see this fine machine fade into environmental-hell!

Thanks for your thoughts,
ps: Certainly there are also long term LCD issues, but that is yet another story... . ....

RE: HP48G Series - the ongoing Keyboard Issues - gwh - 04-12-2023 03:22 PM

I've had this idea for some time of redesigned enclosures for the 48 and 50g.

The 48 to give it "repairability" and actual connectors for the screen and keyboard.
The 50g because I would love a 50g board in the shell and with the keyboard of the 48.

Too bad I have neither hardware not 3D printing knowledge. For now my small repair attempts haven't met success, partly because I'm scared to break something irreversibly.