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[Python] NBA - Basketball shooting game - Yoo - 04-19-2023 02:38 PM

Hi All,

I wanted to share with you what we developed with my son on his new HP Prime (birthday gift).
He is learning Python too. (I discovered it as well..)

This is a very basic baskball shooting game based on angle/velocity input and animation.

Have fun!
[Image: Screenshot%204.png?raw=true]

Source code @ : https://github.com/Yoobe/nba-hpprime

DL the hppdir @ : v1.0

RE: [Python] NBA - Basketball shooting game - ftneek - 04-23-2023 01:04 AM

Nice program and animations, its a fun game. My only gripes are that pressing escape/home/cas doesn't exit the program to home/cas, and entering a force of 0 causes a division by zero crash. One suggestion for future improvement would be to save the highscore between app runs and display it near the current score.

RE: [Python] NBA - Basketball shooting game - Yoo - 04-23-2023 05:14 PM

Thanks for the feedback.
Yes this is not robust code yet - Alpha version we might say.

To exit the app, you can use "On" button for the moment or change code to add extra Keycode to exit.