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Nifty Casio 115 & 991 trick - Matt Agajanian - 08-27-2023 01:33 AM

Hi all. While fiddling around with the 115 and 991 series, I found that it’s possible to solve for any variable in an equation.

Here’s how:

When you enter the equation to be solved, add the , (comma) and the variable you want to solve for. Execute the Solve function and enter a value or values of the other variables. No need to do this on the EX or the CW.

When the Solver is through, you’ll have the solution for the variable in question.

RE: Nifty Casio 115 & 991 trick - Csaba Tizedes - 08-28-2023 05:53 PM

Yeah, it is written in the manual Wink Smile


BTW: solving quadratics with regression is a more useful trick: