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(RPN) Sizing Force Mains for Economy - SlideRule - 09-21-2023 09:56 AM

An excerpt from Water & Sewage Works, vol. 124, no. 3, MAR 1977, pgs. 84-86 {Louis Dancs P/E.}

Determining the pipe size which will impose minimum construction and energy costs consistent with efficiency is the objective of size-costing in force main design. Such problems can be solved directly, without resorting to extensive analysis of local conditions by using a scientific or programmable calculator.

7 Tables, 3 Figures, 8 equations, nomenclature, fully worked example, etc.

listing for a 45 step RPN program in Figure 3


ps: see (ALG) Sizing Force Mains for Economy in Not HP Calculators, Not remotely HP Calculators for algebraic