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(25) The Infrared Handbook - SlideRule - 03-28-2024 06:58 PM

An excerpt from The Infrared Handbook, chapter 1. Radiation Theory, 1.2.7 Pocket Calculator programs, page 1-17.

                                                       … Several pocket calculator programs are presented
here. They were written for the Hewlett-Packard HP-25 and the Texas Instruments SR-56
and SR-52 calculators. The programs reflect differences in programming between Reverse
Polish Notation (RPN) and Algebraic Operation (AO) systems , as well as differences
resulting from calculators which can and cannot store programs on cards. Table 1-15 gives
the equations, units, a catalog of the programs, and initialization and starting procedure.
In most cases some of the storage registers need to be filled at the start with terms
indicated by quantities not in parentheses. Those registers which show a parenthesized
expression are used in the calculation, but do not need to be initialized. In the programs
for integrals, a value of e, the allowed fractional value of the next term of the series, needs
to be entered. For most problems and their required accuracies, 10-9 is an appropriate
value for this .
For additional information on programming pocket calculators, see References [1-12].

equations, units, instructions pages 1-18 thru 1-20

the program listings pages 1-22 thru 1-25

page 1-22
  Table 1-16 Stefan-Boltman Law
  Table 1-18 Stefan-Boltman Law - Photons
  Table 1-20 Mλ and Mλ ⁄ ∂T
  Table 1-22 M and ∂M ⁄ ∂T
page 1-23
  Table 1-23 Mv and ∂Mv / ∂T
  Table 1-24 Mqv and ∂Mqv / ∂T
  Table 1-25 y1y2 My dy
  Table 1-26 ∂M∆λ / ∂T = y1y2 (∂My / ∂T) dy
page 1-25
  Table 1-28 Mq∆λ = y1y2 Mqy dy