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WP-31s: inversion of conversion - Bernd Grubert - 11-10-2014 10:43 AM

I'm currently starting to use the WP-31s. I especially like the design of the overlay, which is arranged very clearly and has all the functionality that I need. (If programming and printer functions were added this would be the perfect calculator, but I understand that this would make the user interface more complex).

Many thanks to all who have made this possible!

I have one question concerning the unit conversion dialog: On the WP-34s it is possible to invert the conversion by pressing [f], and [B] (= 1/x) to change from e.g rad->° to °->rad. Is there a similar funtionality on the WP-31s? I couldn't find any hint in the manual.


RE: WP-31s: inversion of conversion - walter b - 11-10-2014 08:18 PM

Inverting survived as described for the WP 34S:

E.g. 4 acres->ha returns 1.619 (ha). Now press f B and you get 9.8842 (acres, equivalent to 4 ha). Press f CONV again to get 4 confirming 9.8842 acres correspond to 4 ha.

Sorry for not mentioning it in the manual.


RE: WP-31s: inversion of conversion - Bernd Grubert - 11-11-2014 07:40 AM

Thanks for the information.
It's a little embarrassing that I have described the procedure and not noticed that it actually works. May be this post helps other users who don't know the WP-34s.

RE: WP-31s: inversion of conversion - Marcus von Cube - 11-11-2014 05:28 PM

The reasoning behind f+B on the WP 34S was the 1/x label above the key. We should remap the function to f+F on the 31S because the key carries the 1/x label.