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Can Anyone Help with Media Connections? - Namir - 12-21-2014 01:14 PM

Hi All,

I have has this idea on my mind in the past few years of attending HHC conferences. I would like to see education cable channels like Discovery, TLC, SciFi, or even one of the History channels present at least a one hour program (I am not asking for a regular show) that covers:

1. The history of programmable calculators.

2. The history of users' groups like PPC and CHHU.

3. HHC meetings that still take place. May bring the show's cameras to cover an HHC conference.

4. An appropriate mention of this web site.

5. Interviews with various people dedicated in using programmable calculators (vintage AND new).

Does anyone reading this message have connections with the appropriate cable channels that can produce such a program?
If you do, I am interested in helping see it come to light.