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How can I backup a user variable? - Bob Frazee - 01-24-2015 02:03 AM

I created some user variables (Lists in this instance) from the Home screen of the physical calculator. Now I want to backup the Lists to my PC. There doesn't appear to be a way to do that. I tried using "Backup" in the CK, but when I "Restored" the calculator, the user variables were not reloaded to the physical calculator. I tried using "Clone from here", which turned out to be a not so pleasant experience. I used it incorrectly, and it merrily wiped out all my user variables, with not so much as a warning dialog box. Is it possible to backup user variables? Am I missing something? Thanks in advance.

RE: How can I backup a user variable? - Michael Lopez - 01-24-2015 11:36 AM

I haven't found a way of backing-up User variables either. Have previously raised the same request & hope this feature will be added in future releases of the Firmware/Connectivity Kit.



RE: How can I backup a user variable? - rgallier - 07-01-2015 01:50 AM

I use many user variables for custom solver apps. It is a big pain when you need to to a reset and recreate these MANUALLY. Since the Connectivity Kit won't allow coping user variables from one calculator to another and the solver cannot automatically create variables (this makes no sense) the only thing I can think of that may be possible is a program. If this is possible it would make a great addition to Eddies's Equation Library.

RE: How can I backup a user variable? - StephenG1CMZ - 07-01-2015 03:25 PM

As a workaround, until this feature is available, you might consider writing your own save and restore routines, copying specific variables and their values
to or from a spreadsheet.... Tedious, but not as tedious as having to rediscover the values all your variables used to have.

(I haven't a Prime to test this on).

RE: How can I backup a user variable? - rgallier - 07-01-2015 04:50 PM

I thought I might try to modify Eddie's Equation Library to include creating variables, if they don't already exist. I'm not sure sure this is possible; I don't want to overwrite variables with values stored. I would also like Equation Library to put the selected equation in the active "E" field instead of always "E1".