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Integrating from POI's - lrdheat - 05-01-2015 08:11 PM

The numeric table that the advanced graphing app generates is great for finding the "x" values that go with "y" values of interest.

How do I save the "x" values so that I can go back to the function app, and integrate from the 1st "x" value of interest to the 2nd "x" value of interest?

For example, if I look at the advanced graphing app numerical table, and wanted the "x" values that satisfy y=2 and y=4 for y=x^3-2*x^2+sqrt(13*x).

The "x" for y=2 is~.386, the "x" for y=4 is ~1.749.

Can I save these numbers, or do I forget about advanced graphing app, solve this in HOME or CAS, save to variable of my choice, and then continue in my choice of HOME/CAS or graphing app?

Ideally, I would like to do the whole problem in the graphing environment, be it a combination of graph/advanced graph apps, or even better, all in one of the graphing environments.